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Tuesday, June 20, 2006 

Kennebunkport Restaurant Review - Cape Pier Chowder House

Located at the very tip of the picturesque fishing harbor of Cape Porpoise, the Cape Pier Chowder House is as casual as you can get in Kennebunkport. A terrific spot for lunch, you can eat at the picnic tables right on the pier.

You will be entertained by the activity of the lobstermen and fishermen tending to their daily activities. This truly is a perfect picture of a working Maine harbor and the fishy odor is proof that it was not fabricated just for tourists.

A glance off the coast to the east and you will spot Goat Island and the Goat Island Lighthouse.

Oh, I almost forgot, the food. Janice and I had the lobster roll and clam chowder. We tell our guests (because we believe it) that it's the best lobster roll in Kennebunkport. This trip to the Cape Pier Chowder House didn't disappoint us, it was terrific. The clam chowder is excellent, not too thick and not too thin. Just right!

Our guests, Linda and Barbara, had the fish and chips. They reported to us that they were very good. I noticed that their plates were clean. We also had along Sammy. Sammy dined from the kids menu and selected the hot dog and fries. Maybe a hot dog isn't quintessential Maine, but when the meal was finished so was the hot dog.

I feel obligated to mention one more thing on the menu even though we didn't try it on this trip. On the menu it is listed as the fried lobster plate. In fact, it is deep fried lobster. I like to call it a coronary on a plate. Warning - Do not have the deep fried lobster prior to taking a cholesterol test. But, if you have had your cholesterol test, definitely have the deep fried lobster. One more warning, let it cool off before eating it. It is so yummy looking and smelling you will want to dig in immediately. You will be sorry, it's hot.

Okay, two more things we have had at Cape Pier, the swordfish sandwich and the fried clams, Both fantastic. We have never had a bad meal at the Cape Pier Chowder House.

Ask at the front desk of the Maine Stay Inn and we will give you quick directions that will lead you to gastronomic bliss.

Ultra casual. Don't miss the Cape Pier Chowder House.


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