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Friday, June 09, 2006 

Kennebunkport Restaurant Review - Big Fish

It was our first trip to Big Fish. It was quite a surprise.

The outdoor dining area was not set up for service as the temperature (even though it is early June) was much too chilly. The restaurant looked small from the street but as we walked in we realized it is tiny. If my memory serves me, I believe there were 2 (yes two) tables, both occupied. The hostess approached and explained that there was additional seating upstairs. Indeed there was. We had to go back outside to climb the stairs to the second floor dining area.

Big Fish is ultra casual. The walls and flooring give it the feeling of sitting in the loft of a barn. In fact, we could see daylight streaming in between the wall boards.

Do not let this description of the restaurant dissuade you. I merely mention these quirks so you will not be surprised. They are in fact, part of the charm.

If you are in the mood for a fantastic burger and fries or a plate of delicious gnocchi, sauteed in garlic with broccoli rabe, this place shouldn't be missed. There are fish entrees, however we were surprised that a majority of their offerings were not seafood. One of our friends had the Ribs which he said were delicious. Janice had the burger (I tasted it... hey, I'm the critic) and fries. Wonderful on both counts. I never can resist the Gnocchi. It was fantastic.

Dessert...that's where they fell short. Creme Brulee only. Sorry, not for me. Would it kill you to offer some ice cream? Put a couple of strawberries on top and I'm in heaven. But no, just Creme Brulee.

All in all, Big Fish was a Big Hit with me. On a casual dining night, definitely give them a try. The experience will probably be even better when they serve outside, but don't be afraid to try the second floor.


While vacationing in Maine for 3 weeks this summer we stumbled upon a diamond in the rough. Big Fish restaurant was without a doubt the hit of our trip. We loved it some much we had to go back again before we left for home.

The restaurant is small and quaint with a touch of class here and there. It is casual dining with some seating outside, on the main floor, and upstairs. However, the food is the treasure. On our first visit a Tuesday night, it was very crowded and we were lucky to get two seats at the bar. We happen to sit next to a local couple (regulars) who advised us how to order. They recommended the fish and chips. The dinner was fabulous. Not your average "fish and chips" rather an updated upscale version. We also had the house salad, some excellent house cabernet, and a margarita. The meal was superb. The bartender was very friendly and accommodating. However, he was serious about his drinks and informed us that he used fresh fruit mixers for the drinks. On our second visit, one of us tried the Lobster Bolognese. This dish was as good if not better than anything I have eaten in Boston’s “North End”. The quality of the food and drink was excellent. This food in this restaurant can compare to any high end Boston establishment.

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