Sunday, March 02, 2008 

In Kennebunkport It's Not March Madness, It's Cookie Madness

This Saturday, March 8th, the streets of Kennebunkport will come alive with guests of The Maine Stay and other Historic Inns anxiously moving from inn to inn sampling each of the inn's Signature Cookies. Cookie Madness is one of our most popular events in Kennebunkport.

The Maine Stay Inn will be offering our Mocha Chip Meringue Bites. This tasty selection will undoubtedly be the favorite (well, at least my favorite). They are delicious but are also very light.

Each inn will also prepare their own special chocolate chip cookie recipe. Guests are invited to taste each and, at the conclusion will be asked to vote for the best chocolate chip cookie.

Beware, other inns may attempt to influence your decision by offering milk or other libations. Don't be fooled, just vote for The Maine Stay's cookies.

We still have availability so give us a call.

At The Maine Stay Inn, "We have the nicest guests!"

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