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Friday, June 02, 2006 

Kennebunkport Restaurant Review - Windows on the Water

Janice and I took the opportunity to dine at Windows on the Water (WOW, for short) this past Wednesday evening. So, I decided to write a restaurant review. Since the Nom de Plume, The Phantom Gourmet has been taken, I am going to have to think of something else for my moniker. How about the Epicurean Commentator. No, that really doesn't have the same impact. I'll work on it. But now for my review....

Executive Summary - The food was wonderful. The service was excellent. And, of course, the company was the best. Hey, that's why I married her.

The food - WOW starts guests out with a focaccia bread and has balsamic vinegar and olive oil on the table. I love that.

While we both enjoy a glass of wine, we are not wine aficionados. We are told that the wine list at WOW is excellent. I am sure that is true.

We had appetizers of Crab Cakes, another was scallops and another was Potato skin stuffed with a combination of mashed potato, cheese and lobster. They were all excellent, but that potato was out of this world.

We both had the same Entree (what kind of restaurant critics are we??). We had the Thai Lobster. The lobster was served over Quinoa (keen wah). The Thai sauce was excellent, not too sweet not too spicy, just right. This was topped with strings of Zucchini that were nice and crispy. This entree was a nice size portion of lobster and the taste of the sauce was light enough that we still were able to enjoy the taste of the lobster.

For dessert (I might not know much about wine, but when it comes to dessert I am a connoisseur) Janice had the Chocolate thing. You know the "death by" thing. She loved it. But when it comes to dessert there is one other thing...I don't share. I had a lemon souffle. It was awesome. What a great way to finish a terrific meal. The souffle was sweet, sour, light and satisfying. Get your own, and don't share. If your dining partner wants some you can just order one for them.

The Service - Perfect. Just friendly enough. Informative and pleasant, but not looking to be our new best friend (do you know what I mean?) Our server, Mike really is a professional. The chef/owner, John Hughes, visited to share some insight (including what Quinoa is).

Well, there you have it. Windows on the Water will be one of the wonderful Kennebunkport restaurants that the Maine Stay Inn will urge our guests to enjoy. To sum up, we say wow to WOW!

I still don't have my catchy Nom de Plume. Any ideas?


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