Tuesday, September 25, 2007 

Punkinfiddle, A True Maine Fall Harvest Festival

Mix together a fall harvest festival and an entertaining celebration of the environment (more specifically our estuaries) and, you have Punkinfiddle.

With workshops for parents, children, teachers and you, everyone that attends this annual event will learn about the magic of the places where the rivers meet the ocean. These magical places are the estuaries and you will leave with a greater appreciation of them and the part they play in our global environment.

With entertainment from The Boston Kiltics, The Ladies of the Lake and Boréal Tordu, there will be plenty of Hootin' and Hollerin' for everyone.

Maine Artisans will be displaying their wares and demonstrating their crafts. You will see spinning, weaving, chair making and cheese making along with many more.

And, leave the bag lunch at home. You will find something delicious for every taste bud including pumpkin-flavored sweets.

Don't miss the festival. It is held on Saturday, September 29, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Load everyone into the car because admission is just $10 per carload.

At The Maine Stay Inn, "we have the nicest guests!"

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Monday, September 24, 2007 

Take The Maine Stay Inn's Fall Foliage Tour

Janice and I took "The Foliage Tour" yesterday. Clearly, we were one week early but we wanted to test our directions.

If you are coming to The Maine Stay next weekend, plan to spend your entire Sunday afternoon on a leisurely drive through the hills of western Maine. Our Tour will take you to some of the best viewing sites coupled with great diversions along the way.

For instance, when you arrive in Cornish, you should definately take a quick side trip to Apple Acres. When you get there, you will find fantastic views of the color laden hills for as far as you can see. You will also be able to get some super fresh apples, delicious apple cider (also, hot mulled apple cider), homemade fudge and apple pies but, best of all, (Say it with me) fresh and hot, homemade apple doughnuts. Yummee! We had some yesterday.

Continue "The Tour" and about 45 minutes later you need to "keep your eyes peeled" for a home and barn that is the worldwide headquarters of Naturally Wood. Naturally Wood makes awesome Birdhouses. The Master birdhouse craftsman, Sol, makes both custom and spec birdhouses. The birdhouse pictured to the right is one of my favorites. All that's needed is an "old woman" bird to live in this shoe. Naturally Wood is another "don't miss" stop along the Tour. Bring some cash, Naturally Wood doesn't take credit cards

Stop at the front desk of The Maine Stay for our direction and enjoy a wonderful fall afternoon. You may decide to make this an annual event.

At The Maine Stay Inn, "we have the nicest guests!"

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Sunday, September 16, 2007 

A Weekend In Kennebunkport

During this year's 4th of July weekend, Kennebunkport rolled out the red carpet for President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin. In early August, once again the carpet came out when President Bush welcomed French President, Nicolas Sarkozy to our beautiful community.

This weekend the King was in Kennebunkport. The Monarch butterfly, the King of the insect world, has begun its migration and many have reached their favorite seaside stop along their migratory route.

Each Autumn, thousands of Monarch butterflies typically gather in Southern Canada and start their long journey to places like Michoacan, Mexico. When the Monarchs are in the north they are usually spread out over a large geographic area however, when they migrate south they typically are concentrated into the same area. Trees in this area of Mexico that have been home to the Monarchs for many years are gradually being cut down. The survival of the Monarch may soon be in jeopardy and as a result organizations are beginning to form to protect the fragile Monarchs.

Why not come and see for yourself what so many that visit Kennebunkport come back to see time and time again.


Thursday, September 06, 2007 

Fall Foliage in Maine

It might seem a little early to talk about fall foliage here in Maine but, foliage season is right around the corner.

You should consider utilizing the Maine Department of Conservation's Daily Foliage Report. The first update will be issued on September 12th, and this resource will provide you with (nearly) realtime information so you can plan exactly when to visit Kennebunkport and stay at The Maine Stay Inn.

Plan your time in Kennebunkport this fall to include a day to take a leisurely drive through the best foliage in Maine.

At the Maine Stay Inn, we will provide you driving directions that will include the spectacular fall colors and a special stop at a hilltop apple orchard. When you get there, among many other apple treats, be certain to try a few (yes, I said a few) of their freshly baked apple donuts. They are like those potato chips, you can't eat just one. How can you tell if they are freshly baked? If they have them for sale, they are fresh. They don't last long enough to be anything but fresh.

I can't wait for the trees to turn...I love the donuts (and the foliage of course).

At The Maine Stay Inn, "we have the nicest guests!"

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