Thursday, September 28, 2006 

Hot Off the Press ~ The Maine Stay Inn Cookbook

Back by popular demand, the Maine Stay Inn Cookbook is once again available for sale.

The cookbook is a compilation of the best recipes served at the Maine Stay. Janice has spent countless hours combing through many of the finest epicurean books, periodicals and websites. She tested, tasted (I tasted too) and fine tuned the best of the best. Prior to acquiring the Maine Stay, Janice even invited our neighbors to breakfast to use as a "test group."

The result of this effort (and it is an ongoing effort) is a menu of fruit starters, entrees, afternoon sweets and holiday treats, that the Maine Stay is very proud to serve.

Janice has carefully compiled many of the most popular recipes requested by our guests. She first printed the cookbook earlier this year and the book flew off the shelves. This recent printing includes some new recipes as well as recipes included in the original cookbook.

The Maine Stay Inn cookbook makes a terrific memento of your visit but, also makes a wonderful gift.

If you are interested but aren't planning a visit soon, give us a call at (800) 950-2117. The recipe book is $7.50, plus tax and postage.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006 

Shopping in Kennebunkport ~ H.B. Provisions

H.B. Provisions, photo taken one month after the purchase of the former Meserve's Market by Helen and Bonnie. Photo from H.B. Provisions website.

Guests of the Maine Stay Inn are often looking for a place to purchase a variety of, make that provisions. Most often our guests are looking to purchase wine or cheese and crackers, but it could be almost anything.

The best spot in Kennebunkport for such items is H.B. Provisions, actually located in Lower Village Kennebunk. HB is a short walk from the Maine Stay and is a very pleasant surprise to those looking for an excellent selection of wines or even a delicious lunch from their grill.

In what during the "olden days" may have been best described as a General Store, owners Helen and Bonnie have created an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming. Whether you live in the area and make HB a daily stop, or you are a tourist that stumbles in for your first visit, you will feel a connection to HB that is warm and familiar.

If it's a bottle of wine you're looking for, or just an afternoon cup of coffee, go into HB. It will not be your only visit, you'll be back for more. A quaint village like Dock Square would not be the same without a comfortable spot like HB.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006 

Maine Foliage

Louis T. Graves Library, Kennebunkport, Maine~~photo by Robert Dennis

Are you planning a leaf-peeping trip to Maine for our spectacular fall foliage? You will have an amazing visit but, be aware that all indications are, this year the colors are changing a little early.

According to the Maine Department of Conservation and the Forest and Park Rangers, "leaves are changing from green to yellow, orange and red a bit earlier than previous years, but fair weather has kept leaf drop at a minimum..."

This is great news about the minimum leaf drop. The colors can be as brilliant as ever, but if the leaves aren't on the trees...well you get the picture.

Come visit us in Kennebunkport and stay with us at the Maine Stay Inn. If we are booked, we'll recommend one of our other wonderful Historic Inns of Kennebunkport. And guests of the Maine Stay will be given a map of a fantastic foliage drive. Janice and I have taken this same drive each year and we are looking forward to this year's trip (and the delicious apple donuts at the special stop along the way).


Monday, September 18, 2006 

Punkinfiddle 2006 ~ Celebrating the Estuaries

Punkinfiddle 2006 poster design titled, A Window on the Estuary, was created by Laudholm Farm volunteer Piper Castles.

Punkinfiddle 2006, will be held on Saturday, September 30.

In the words of the folks at Laudholm Farm, "Punkinfiddle is about Fiddlin' and Hootin'" This typical Maine celebration has something for everyone.

The music promises to be foot-stompin' and knee-slappin' Featured groups include Magpie, Highland Soles, and Mom's Home Cookin'.

Artisans will display their craft, which will include cheese and cider making (yum), chair making, wool spinning, blanket weaving and many other traditional farm activities.

The Wells Chamber of Commerce will be serving up some delicious Maine harvest fare, including a variety of meats, beans, chowder and pumpkin-flavored sweets.

And speaking of Pumpkins, what a great place to pick up your Halloween pumpkin to take home and carve into a Jack-O-Lantern. What a nice family tradition to start and look forward to each year.

This wonderful event is held at the Wells Estuarine Reserve at Laudholm Farm, 342 Laudholm Farm Road in Wells, Maine.

For those of you staying at the Maine Stay Inn, we will have directions ready so you can head straight there after breakfast.


Thursday, September 14, 2006 

Pier 77 ~ A Kennebunkport Restaurant Review

Situated at the very tip of Cape Porpoise, Pier 77 overlooks Kennebunkport's picturesque harbor and the comings and goings of the local lobstermen. For many, the scene is exactly what comes to mind when they envision the coast of Maine.

Pier 77 is elegant yet comfortable, it is best described as fine dining yet Pier 77 casual.

This evening's dinner began with the special Portuguese Kale soup for Janice, and Pete's (Pete and Kate are the owners) clam chowder for Marc. Both gave their appetizers high marks. For me, it was the wedge of iceberg lettuce with Maytag blue cheese dressing. I love that and Pier 77's version was superb.

Janice and I ordered the same entree (again). While I very much wanted to try the Lobster Farfalle, neither of us could resist the special this evening. It was grilled Mahi Mahi on a bed of rice topped with a fruit salsa. Along with this was a hot pepper, stuffed with goat cheese and chirizo sausage, breaded and baked. Also on the plate was a wedge of grilled avacado.

The Mahi Mahi was cooked just right and was a delicious portion of fish. It is not often that Janice and I have food cooked the same and both think it is perfect. I like things on the well done side and Janice prefers medium. We both agreed that the Mahi Mahi was cooked just the way we wanted. The fruit salsa complemented both the fish and the rice. The pepper was extra special. What a wonderful combination of flavors. The meal was very filling but, if it came with more peppers, I would have eaten them all. Hey Pete and Kate, those peppers would make a great appetizer.

Marc and Sue also ordered the same entrees. They both ordered the Seafood Mixed Grill. The grilled salmon, scallops and prawns (shrimp to us old fashioned folks) looked wonderful. It was accompanied with mashed potatoes and plenty of delicious looking snap peas. According to both Marc and Sue their meals were also excellent.

And then...NO DESSERT. Here we go again. What kind of people skip dessert? Well, I know the answer. Tired innkeepers sometimes skip dessert.

Well, if anyone else had ordered dessert, I too would have. You see, it isn't that I mind eating dessert alone, it's the fact that when you are the only one having dessert, waiters and waitresses alike, feel compelled to bring four spoons. If you have read my other articles you might already know...I don't share my dessert. So, there you go, no dessert for me.

If I had ordered dessert, it would have been the baked blueberry crumble with the vanilla bean gelato. I'm certain that I would have enjoyed the blueberry crumble but, it was the vanilla bean gelato that would have completed my meal.

Looking for a great spot for a wedding reception? Check out Pier 77. Janice and I went to a wedding here last year and it was terrific.

One other thing...if you are looking for a very casual (shorts and tee shirts) meal, check out the Ramp Bar and Grille. Tucked under the main restaurant, the Ramp is casual, adorned with Pete's sports memorabilia and sits right on the water. Have a "boat drink" and order from the grill menu.

If you are staying at the Maine Stay Inn, have us make reservations for you at Pier 77. I think you'll enjoy your experience just as much as we did.


Monday, September 11, 2006 

The Calm Before the Foliage in Kennebunkport

Kennebunkport has everything it had a month ago, except the crowds of people.

Kennebunkport gets very quiet in early September, mid-week each year. The weather is still beautiful, in fact, today there isn't a cloud in the sky. The shops and galleries are all open. Our fine restaurants are waiting to serve you and your requested seating time can usually be met.

All this will change shortly. Foliage season is on its way along with visitors from all over the world. There is no question that our fall colors are worth a visit (in some cases, from half way around the world).

But, if it's a relaxing getaway you seek, with a terrific selection of very fine restaurants from which to choose, and maybe a cozy fire in the evening, then a mid-week visit to Kennebunkport may be just the thing to recharge your batteries.

Give the Maine Stay Inn a call and we will customize a visit to include exactly what helps you relax and rejuvenate. If we don't have a room to accomodate you, we will suggest one of Kennebunkport's other fine Historic Inns.


Thursday, September 07, 2006 

Christmas Prelude in Kennebunkport

I know what you are saying and the answer is, "no, we are not kidding." I know, Christmas is almost four months away but, Christmas Prelude is less than three months away. If you have never come to Kennebunkport for our Prelude celebration, then you don't know what you are missing.

Our quaint little village is adorned with Christmas decorations and reminds one of what a true Charles Dickens Christmas must be like.

There are several "must see" events that take place during this festive time. In fact, there are so many such events, it's likely you will not have time to see them all. That's why we have many guests that have returned for this magical event for 10 years and more.

The one event that everyone should attend (every year) is the tree lighting. Beginning at 5:30 pm on Friday, December 1, you can join in, or just listen to, the Kennebunk High School Chamber singers. This is an experience that will certainly get you into the real Christmas spirit. Let's hope for cold weather and maybe a few snowflakes. Don't worry, the spirit of the event will keep you warm (but, just in case, bring a warm coat, mittens, a scarf and hat anyway).

One other must see event (especially if you have children with you) is Santa arriving by lobster boat and, of course, he is escorted by lobster elves. How else would Santa get to Kennebunkport. After all, his reindeer only fly on Christmas eve.

We still have a couple of rooms open for the first weekend of Prelude. Give the Maine Stay Inn a call and we would be glad to describe these luxurious rooms to you.

You will reminisce about this memorable event for many years to come.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006 

Kennebunkport ~ Romantic Getaway Packages

Attractive Romantic Getaway Packages are coming for guests of the Maine Stay Inn.

We have packages that include a bottle of sparkling cider, two Maine Stay Inn signature Champagne flutes, scrumptious chocolate truffles, and a special remembrance gift of your special weekend.

Call us and reserve a weekend stay in one of our romantic cottage suites with a fireplace and a double whirlpool tub. You will enjoy our daily afternnon tea and sweets and, of course, enjoy our full New England breakfast each morning.

Kennebunkport's quiet season is still a hidden secret to travelers. With most of our shops and galleries still open and our finest restaurants still serving their delectable offerings, this is a special time in our romantic seaside village.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Maine Stay Inn and we would love to help plan your romantic weekend getaway for you.

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Saturday, September 02, 2006 

Shopping in Kennebunkport ~ Dannah ~ Fashion & Home Accessories

Visitors to Kennebunkport often congregate in Dock Square where there are many fine shops and galleries.

Those smart enough to make the trip just one mile out of Dock Square on Ocean Avenue are well rewarded. The shop known simply as Dannah, is truly a gem.

The shop is chock full of unique and attractive jewelry and fashion accessories. And, as you can see from the photo, they also carry home accessories that are one-of-a-kind and often whimsical.

When it came time to add the last few finishing touches to The Maine Stay Inn's recent renovation of our romantic Cottage Suite 7, where did we shop? At Dannah's, of course.

This distinctive shop is located at 123 Ocean Avenue. While only a short drive from The Maine Stay Inn or from Dock Square (on the way to Walker's Point), I would strongly suggest you consider walking to Dannah. There is plenty of parking at Dannah's, however this is such a pleasant stroll along the Kennebunk River, you will be glad you walked.

Next time you return to Kennebunkport, I guarantee you will look forward to your wonderful walk and the treat at the end of the walk known as Dannah.


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