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Tuesday, July 04, 2006 

One if by Land, Two if by sea....

It was 230 years ago today that marked the adoption of America's Declaration of Independence from the Brits.

Well, if they had been as clever back then as Roly's English Fudge is today, the outcome may have been very different. Roly's has invaded Kennebunkport, not by land, not by sea, but by taste buds.

Located in a not so easy to find location of Dock Square, Roly's is definitely worth looking for, or better yet let us at the Maine Stay Inn give you precise directions.

The fudge itself is like no other you have tasted. Rather than the sticky, gooey fudge to which we have become accustomed, Roly's English Fudge is firm and crumbly. As described by shop owners, Mike and Peggy Bristow, "this fudge melts in your mouth, not in the bag." According to Mike, some who enter Roly's are not necessarily fans of traditional fudge. When they taste one of Roly's non-traditional flavors, they are pleasantly surprised. Mike called it, "fudge for adults." I think it is for kids too.

With flavors like, strawberry shortcake, lemon meringue, dark and stormy (Black Seal rum and ginger) and Bailey's Irish Cream, one can immediately tell that this isn't your grandma's fudge shop. Don't worry, their Cadbury chocolate fudge will satisfy you chocoholics and if you are like me, you penuche fans will fall in love with Roly's Original vanilla fudge. (of yeah!)

So far, I have only told you half the story...

Roly's English Fudge also serves Palazzolo's Artisan Gelato. Never heard of it? Well, you haven't been watching enough Oprah. She loved Palazzolo's so much she added it to her "O list."

Mike gave me a quick lesson about the difference between ice cream and gelato. While both have air whipped into them, the percentage of air whipped into gelato is far less than that in ice cream. Also, gelato is produced with much less butter fat. Since the butter fat content is less, the freezing temperature is higher. Why is that important? Well, if you are like me, when you have a bowl (that's right a bowl, not a cup) of ice cream, you let it melt, to bring out the flavor. That melting really doesn't bring out any flavor, it simply raises the temperature of the ice cream and prevents your taste buds from freezing. No frozen taste buds... more flavor. Gelato takes care of this step for you. With a higher freezing temperature your taste buds remain receptive to these delicious flavors.

That was the long way of telling you that this gelato stuff is fantasic. I tried the Madagascar Vanilla (remember, I like vanilla) and the flavor was unbelievable. A real food critic would be anxious to try the other wonderful flavors of gelato at Roly's. Not me, I'm going back for more Vanilla.

There you have it. Roly's English Fudge is a must in Kennebunkport.

Guests of the Maine Stay Inn on this 4th of July weekend, enjoyed their own sample box of Roly's. The comments were excellent.

Oh yeah, Happy Independence Day. Had those Brits come bearing Roly's, things may have ended differently.


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The Lemon Meringue is awesome. Don't miss it.

After reading your Blog about Roly’s English Fudge I just had to have some shipped to my home in Illinois. (The fudge shipped during a heat wave of 90+ degrees and it didn’t melt at all. “Revolutionary!”) The fudge is awesome! It has “Concord” the tastebuds of my husband and me. In our home it is “Revere’d.” I’ve nicknamed my husband “Minuteman” because of the amount of Roly’s fudge he can eat in one minute!

Thanks for the tip! I’d advise other readers of your Blog not to “battle” the urge, but to “surrender” and try Roly’s English Fudge today.

Oh Fudge! I wish I thought of that.

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