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Sunday, June 25, 2006 

"Paint the Port" was a Great Success

Kennebunkport was littered with artists, at a variety of scenic locations, creating beautiful art.
This photo of Peter Hoff at his studio shows him hard at work on, perhaps one of the most scenic subjects in Kennebunkport, the Maine Stay Inn. (hey, I am entitled to my opinion).
If you look closely you certainly can see his work in process, Look closer still, next to his left hand you can see a pencil sketch of his subject. Even closer, check out his computer where it shows a portion of a photograph of his intended final product. The photo is an enlargement of one of the Maine Stay's unique crystal starburst windows. What you can't quite see is the light emminating from inside the living room. The living room chandelier created a half-moon image shining through the crystal and that was captured perfectly in the artist's final work.
The auction last evening was very well attended and the participants were there to buy. The good news is, Peter's painting of the Maine Stay Inn was one of the most popular of the evening and fetched a very healthy bid. The bad news is, the bidding went beyond our budget and we came home without the painting. Darn, we already had a perfect spot picked out for it.
Congratulations to all those associated with this fantasic event. This year was only the second year that "Paint the Port" has been held and it is already becoming one of the best events in Kennebunkport.
Next year, if you are looking for a wonderful opportunity to acquire a nice addition to your art collection, come to Kennebunkport, stay at the Maine Stay Inn (one of the most scenic subjects in Kennebunkport) and do not bid against your innkeepers.
We will look forward to welcoming you to the inn.


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