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Wednesday, July 12, 2006 

Clippity Clop...the Sounds of Summer in Kennebunkport

So many facets combine to create the character of a community. Kennebunkport's village of Dock Square and the surrounding Historic District is very often described as a quaint, New England community. Its Southern Maine location is ideally situated at the mouth of the Kennebunk River, and the tree-lined streets contribute to its old-world atmosphere. The stately homes date back to the early 1800's and sometimes earlier.

These are just some of the elements that contribute to the grand atmosphere of our community.

There is another feature that contributes to the feeling of "stepping back in time" in this picturesque village. This feature activates your sentiments visually and acoustically. It is the sights and sounds of the horse-drawn carriage rides. Seeing and hearing Tiny (pictured above, he's the one in the front) coming clippity clopping down the street, inspires different feelings in everyone. But the key is, the horse and buggy triggers a response in everyone.

Tiny is the largest employee of Rockin' Horse Stables. Located here in Kennebunkport, Tiny's boss, Vince also offers wagon rides and makes his carriage or his surrey available for private jaunts to highlight that special event. Tiny is your ultimate designated driver.

Oh, one other thing. What is that majestic building that Tiny is passing in that photo? If you need a hint, the widow's walk was once known around town as the Candy Cupola. Any idea where that name came from?

Happy Summer!


I love the tidbits of history. There is something grand about the older homes (wraparound porches and elegance).

It must be a grand view from the carriage. Definitely a nice and scenic historic route with Tiny leading the way.

I have absolutely no idea about the candy cupola part - but I have to tell you - it's absolutely gorgeous.

I scorlled down past the signs - cause signs always amuse me - but then the house... wow! Gorgeous!

Have a nice day - nice to catch you on blogclicker!

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