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Thursday, February 22, 2007 

Where to Get the Best Hot Dog in Kennebunkport?

Who would even ask such a question? Is it blasphemy to ask about hot dogs in Kennebunkport? After all, the only thing hot dog rolls should be doing in our quaint village is getting themselves stuffed with lobster.

Well, I'm sorry but I love a good hot dog. So, I have been in a search for the best hot dog in Kennebunkport. I have been searching for 5 years now. I have even expanded my search to include the County of York. After all, we have a very well known hot dog stand down in the city of York and another just north in Saco. I tried them both.

So what are my results...hold on, I have felt the need to further expand my search to the entire State of Maine.

Then I had a tough decision to make. I was in search of the best. In theory if there were 2 or 3 hot dogs to compare you could always choose the best among them. But, if an expert and professional food connoisseur like me (self proclaimed) is to name "The Best Of" shouldn't the winner be at least good? If I am to put my "stamp" on a winner, someone may take that as my recommendation.

I truly am sorry. I haven't found a good hot dog in Maine. At least not yet. I'll keep on looking.

Please send me your suggestions for a great hot dog. It can be anywhere, not just Kennebunkport, not just Maine. I will travel for a great hot dog.

Oh, I should list my personal criteria for a great hot dog:
  • Grilled or griddled? Yes and yes.
  • Boiled? Absolutely not.
  • Grill or griddle the bun? Yes please.
  • Steam the bun? What is wrong with these people?
  • Mustard? Oh yes.
  • Relish? That'll be okay.
  • Ketchup? Ya for the fries (the kids can put it on the dogs).
  • Mayonnaise? Stop right there. If that is an option, leave without eating anything.
  • Chili, sauteed onions, cheese, sauerkraut? Yes x 4.

Let me know what you like. And, don't forget, July is National Hot Dog Month.

1. A Sabretts umbrella stand in NYC; but, you don't do boiled.

2. Detroit - any real Greek "Coney Island" hot dog restaurant. Also, try the "loose" hot dog which is seasoned ground beef with mustard on a hot dog bun.

3. Tons of places in LA. Love Dogs, Law Dogs, Pinks (more trendy than great).

Best Hot Dog, anywhere, Top Dog, Rockport MA!! (http://www.topdogrockport.com/ ) You can get them however you want, great fries, and they have fabulous fried clams....check them out!!I the Red Sox are playing, and they hit a homerun while you're ordering, your order is free! (we don't get anything for this blatant plug of advertising, we just think they are great!) And if you do come to check them out, come and stay with us....we stayed with you back in August 1998....now we own the Linden Tree Inn in Rockport, MA!! www.lindentreeinn.com

Tobey and John Shepherd

Fantastic tips from Dave and also from Tobey and John.

Thank you. It might be awhile before we can try Dave's suggestions but, Rockport isn't too far and we will certainly try The Top Dog.

So far, the closest we can get to a great hot dog in Kennebunkport is about 1.5 hours away by car.

Anybody else?

Hi George,

Think that you may already have had the Best Hot Dog in the world, in fact you likley have had several before moving to Kennebunkport.

Chico was the "chef"...lots of high school kids worked the counter...your initials may have been carved on the walls by the booths...and the milkshakes were hand scooped, oh and of course the dogs were grilled...any ideas yet?

Yep, you got it...Rawleys in Fairfield, CT. Admittedly, quite a drive (4 hours) for lunch but oh, the memories! Sad to say, Chico is no longer there and new owners have tried to keep things the same, but as things go with world class hot dog eateries, change is not always good. Hope you agree.

I too am on the hunt for a great (good?) hot dog in Maine...lets stay in touch and compare notes as the season progresses.

Thanks Rick. Rawleys showed me how good a hot dog could be. I have found few that come close and none that are as good.
That being said, I was told by some recent guests from Fairfield, CT that the place to go is Super Duper Weenie (http://www.superduperweenie.com/fairfield.htm)
They are supposed to be fantasitc, so now I have something to look forward to.
I hope their milk shakes are nearly as good as Rawleys.
Just for the record, that's about a 4 hour drive. We need to find one closer.

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