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Thursday, February 08, 2007 

This Old House ~ The Maine Stay Inn

The Maine Stay Inn was built in 1860 by the great grandson of one of Kennebunkport's founding families, the Walkers.

In Kennebunkport, the Walker name is more commonly associated with Walker's Point, the property owned by President Bush (41) and previously by his ancestors. Of course, this is where President George H.W. Bush gets the "W" and it is where our current President gets his "Dubya."

The Walker that built the Maine Stay Inn was Melville Walker (what a great name for the owner of a stately seaside home). Melville was a merchant sea captain who travelled the oceans of the world. I wonder if he ever encountered the likes of Moby Dick?

Enough history, for now.

What do you do when an original lockset on one of the doors of your 1860 house breaks? Well, there are several solutions to this problem. Some solutions are not acceptable as they compromise the historical integrity of the home (like a brand new 21st century replacement). Some solutions are far too time consuming (for instance, rebuilding the broken parts).

Fortunately for me, here in Kennebunkport we have a hidden treasure. Well, it's not exactly hidden (we'll tell you how to get there) but, it is a treasure. It is The Old House Parts Company. How lucky is that?

Next time you visit Kennebunkport, ask someone where The Old House Parts Company is located and stop in. It really is a neat place to explore.
Photo from The Old House Parts Company website.

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