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Thursday, August 17, 2006 

Cape Arundel Inn - A Kennebunkport Restaurant Review

"The closest you'll find to a table on the ocean"

We all have a restaurant that we visit for special ocassions. Whether it is a visit from special friends, a birthday or maybe an anniversary. For us, that's the Cape Arundel Inn.

Incomparable ocean views, excellent service and wonderful food, the Cape Arundel Inn has it all.

We dined at Cape Arundel last evening. Janice and I were entertaining special friends that were visiting from Nottingham, England. We hadn't seen John and Hazel in nearly 10 years and we wanted an evening that would be memorable. The Cape Arundel Inn is very memorable.

Janice and Hazel both started with the special seafood and corn chowder. I didn't get a taste as I was to focused on my salad. Several comments from both of them confirmed that the chowder was excellent.

John had the butterflied and grilled Maine lobster tail with zucchini linguine. He reported that it was superb.

My salad was more than just a salad. Grilled romaine hearts with with red peppered maytag blue cheese confetti and wild Maine blueberry dressing (now you know why I forgot to taste Janice's chowder).

Once again, Janice and I both had the same entree. Sauteed Maine lobster and wild mushrooms in a whiskey and herb beurre blanc, returned to the shell and broiled. I don't know what an herb beurre blanc is but, I am sure it played an important part in developing the tremendous flavor of this entree. It was wonderful.

Hazel had the citrus marinated and grilled Atlantic Salmon fillet over fresh watercress with roast grape tomato vinaigrette. John had the potato crusted and pan fried halibut fillet with fresh dill aioli. All reports were, once again, excellent.

Dessert? Take a guess...

You are wrong. We had no dessert. I am still not over it. I have had the desserts at the Cape Arundel Inn several times in the past. They are amazing but, no one else was having dessert.

During the meal we were entertained with beautiful piano music. The owner, Jack Nahill, is not only a brilliant restauranteur but also is a very talented artist. The walls are adorned with lots of wonderful paintings, many of were done by Jack.

Also, the Cape Arundel Inn does small weddings. I can't imagine a more romantic setting.

Don't forget, stay at the Maine Stay Inn. We'll make your reservations and we will also remind you to go 30 minutes early so you can enjoy a drink on their front porch.


Goodness, George! "Brilliant restauranteur!"
I've been called a lot of things but never a "B R".
Now how does one live up to that setting of the bar!
Thanks, though, for your wonderful comments. We love entertaining the guests from Maine Stay Inn.

Jack Nahil
Cape Arundel Inn

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