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Thursday, August 10, 2006 

Take a Scenic Lobster Cruise from Kennebunkport

Kennebunkport by sea is an excellent vantage point. If you are looking for a nice calm afternoon, a cool breeze and an opportunity to learn how lobsters are trapped (I mean harvested) then this 1.5 hour cruise along Kylie's Chance is just what the doctor ordered.

In addition to a serene trip, you will learn interesting facts about Kennebunkport, lobsters and lobstering. For instance, the largest lobster ever caught was 44 pounds and was caught off Nova Scotia. It is estimated this lobster was 75 years old. I know what you are thinking...that's alot of lobster rolls. Me too.

We all know that a lobster's back shell has to be a least 3.5 inches or the lobsterman must throw it back. But, did you know, if the lobsters back is more than 4 inches you must throw them back as well. If they have lived that long, then they are considered a strong speciman and their continued existance will benefit the species. Also, if a female lobster is carrying eggs, their tail is notched and then they are thrown back. The notch will indicate to other lobsterman that they have caught a female even though they may not be carrying their eggs. Us guys don't get these breaks.

A lobsterman ( oh, by the way, when I say lobsterman, I mean lobsterwoman also. So no emails about that) is allowed to set up to 800 traps. On any given day they may check 200-250 of their traps and can expect to bring in about 80 pounds of lobsters.

Kylie's Chance is operated by First Chance Whale Watch. They also operate Nick's Chance which is their larger boat (87 feet long). This Whale Watch tour is approximately 4.5 hours, travels 20 miles offshore to see a variety of species of whales, dolphins and other interesting marine life of our area.

If you are staying at the Maine Stay Inn, we will make it very easy for you. Just tell us what day you would like to enjoy a day on the sea and we will be happy to take care of the details.


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