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Monday, April 23, 2007 

Varano's Italian Restaurant ~ Restaurants Near Kennebunkport

Located just a short drive from the Maine Stay Inn on Mile Road in Wells, Varano's Italian Restaurant is like an extension of Boston's North End. The food is awesome.

Many of our summer guests ask what we do in the winter in Kennebunkport, one answer...we go to Varano's.

I'm not a wine drinker but, I do know that Varano's has a fantastic wine list as well as a full bar, if you prefer something other than wine.

Dinner for us begins (every time) with a basket of their warmed up Italian bread and a plate of olive oil. I mix in some of their parmesan cheese with the oil. Already I feel obligated to tell you about the one negative comment I have for this otherwise fine restaurant. The problem is, the bread and oil (with the parmesan) is too good. You eat and eat and if your not careful, you'll fill up before the entree arrives. Only once have I made it to dessert (and those of you that have read these posts before know, I love dessert...just one spoon please).

After ordering the salad soon arrives. Hold the onions and the salad is very good with an Italian vinegarette dressing. When the salad arrives we're I'm usually ready for another basket of bread.

For Janice, the entree is most often the Chicken Marsala. This dish is a boneless breast of chicken sautéed with mushrooms and prosciutto in a butter and Marsala wine sauce. It comes with a side of Penne pasta which I usually get to eat. How is your meal Janice? No need to ask, she gets it just about every time.

For me, the entree is most often the Veal Bracciolettine (aka Veal Brac). This fantastic meal is veal rolled with prosciutto, spinach, and mozzarella cheese, sautéed with mushrooms in a butter and Marsala wine sauce. The same dish is made with chicken. I've had both and they are both really good. This meal also comes with a side of Penne pasta, I eat mine too.

I have also tried the Chicken and the Veal Parmesan. I have had each multiple times. They are both great.

For dessert...only once, not because it wasn't awesome but, because of all that darn bread. But that one time we did have dessert, we both had the cannoli. It really is just like being in the North End. They don't fill the pastry in advance like so many places. They fill them fresh just for you and therefore, the pastry is nice and crisp. The filling is wonderful. I really need to stop eating so much bread.

The service is great (hey, I told you they keep bringing me bread) and the prices are very good as well.

Ask us at The Maine Stay for directions to our favorite Italian Restaurant. It's not too far away.


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