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Saturday, February 03, 2007 

The Maine Stay Chocolate Tasting was a Big Success

We just wrapped up our 2nd annual Maine Stay Inn Chocolate Tasting and it was a huge success. Everyone had a great time and we crowned the 2007 Maine Stay Inn Chocolate of the Year.

There were ten chocolates from around the world including Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy, USA and Grenada. The selections ranged from a Swiss white chocolate with no cocoa (it's not really chocolate as it has no cocoa) to another Swiss dark chocolate with 85% cocoa (wowee!).

By the end of the tasting our guests had tasted just a small sampling of each chocolate. This amounted to the cocoa equivalent of approximately a dozen milk chocolate bars but the sugar equivalent of less than one chocolate bar.

The surprise of the event (for me) was that the Hersheys chocolate (10% cocoa) was not very well received. I expected it to be more popular.

We had eight voting participants (I abstained) and 50% agreed on the winner. The other 50% split their votes between Caffe Tasse (Belgium 77% cocoa) and Lindt (Swiss 85% cocoa). Both were judged to have a wonderful texture and outstanding flavor.

But, the winner is...drum roll...The Grenada Chocolate Company's, 71% Organic Dark. A dark, silky chocolate with a creamy texture and a remarkable flavor. Mott Green is the owner of the Grenada Chocolate Company and we contacted him directly. Mott suggested we work through one of his retailers as he isn't set up to accept payment.

Lucky for us The Applegate Inn, located in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts had the chocolate bars we sought. We called and spoke with Gloria who happily sent out an overnight package of 4 bars of this #1 delicacy. She couldn't have been more helpful.

Next year we will include the winner and the 2 runners up (or is it runner ups) in our 3rd Annual Chocolate Tasting along with seven new chocolates from other parts of the globe.

How about some fun facts...

Chocolate contains no caffeine. The chocolate buzz people get is from the chemical Theobromine, a mild anti-depressant.

Chocolate was introduced to the United States in 1765 when John Hanan brought cocoa beans from the West Indies to Dorchester, Massachusetts. Dr. James Baker, thinking about the medicinal benefits of chocolate, opened a chocolate factory along the Neponset River. You may have heard of Baker's Chocolate?

White Chocolate is not chocolate at all. It contains no cocoa, only cocoa butter, sugar, milk and vanilla.

We will look forward to next year's chocolate event but, in the meantime, consider coming to The Maine Stay Inn during the weekend of February 23 and 24. Saturday evening, February 24th our guests will enjoy our 3rd Annual Cheese Tasting. It is always a popular event, so call now and reserve one of our romantic rooms.

"We have the nicest guests."

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FYI, last night I saw Maine Stay Inn Teddy at the bar at Ditka's Restaurant in Chicago. Unfortunately I did not have my camera "with." Teddy was cheering on "Da Bears" as he joined in a few rounds of "Bear Down Chicago Bears." Perhaps he--being a bear--is related.

Debbie K
I suspect you are right about Maine Stay Teddy's favorite team in tonight's big game.
Unfortunately, since the Patriots aren't in the game, here in New England we bearly care.


What an unbearable game!

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