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Thursday, March 09, 2006 

Winter in Kennebunkport

The winter season is a special time in Kennebunkport. At the Maine Stay Inn we have cozy rooms with fireplaces and double whirlpool tubs. Many of the best Kennebunkport restaurants stay open during this quiet and romantic time of year.

Often, our winter guests will comment how much they love Kennebunkport at this time of year and it must be wall-to-wall people in the summer. Similarly, many summer guests will comment that they love the activity of Kennebunkport in the summer but, what do people do in the winter?

Well, each of Kennebunkport's four seasons offer different experiences.

Springtime in Kennebunkport offers the re-birth of some of the most wonderful gardens to be found. In Kennebunkport, gardening is said to be a "competitive sport." Abbott Graves (1859-1936) was an American impressionist artist that immortalized many of the local gardens and doorways of the majestic homes of Kennebunkport.

Summer in Kennebunkport is alive with activity. From the horse-drawn carriage clippity-clopping past the Maine Stay to President George W. Bush's entourage of 20 or so vehicles speeding by on his way to his family compund, there is something for everyone. The beaches are a favorite of almost everyone, whether for swimming (brrrr), sunning or walking. The rocky coast offers views like no other. Locals complain about the traffic but the truth is, most of them were tourists who fell in love with Kennebunkport before they moved here.

The Fall in Kennebunkport is unbelievable. The colors are breathtaking. From the yellows to oranges to the many shades of red they are so amazing that they draw visitors from all over the world. It is a rare morning in the fall when we don't have guests from one, two or even three countries other than the US.

That brings us back to winter. We think of the start of the winter season with our Christmas Prelude celebration (the first two weekends of December, technically not yet winter). These weekends are two of the busiest of the entire year. Most guests make their reservations a year in advance. It is a magical time in our quaint village. Cross-country skiing, ice skating, snow shoeing and horse-drawn sleigh rides are all popular when followed by a piping hot cup of chocolate.

In Kennebunkport, February is for Lovers and visitors arrive for an overdose of romance, chocolate or often for both. At the Maine Stay Inn we have a chocolate tasting weekend and we have a wine tasting weekend. Both events are popular and offer a little information and plenty of fun.

March and April (again, technically not all winter) are full of weekend activities sponsored by the Historic Inns of Kennebunkport. Some of the highlights include the brew pub weekend, March 18, and the Maple Sugaring weekend, March 25.

Each season is very different from the others. Each with its own wonderful experiences. Don't let preconceived ideas allow you to miss out on some wonderful memories.


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