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Sunday, September 16, 2007 

A Weekend In Kennebunkport

During this year's 4th of July weekend, Kennebunkport rolled out the red carpet for President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin. In early August, once again the carpet came out when President Bush welcomed French President, Nicolas Sarkozy to our beautiful community.

This weekend the King was in Kennebunkport. The Monarch butterfly, the King of the insect world, has begun its migration and many have reached their favorite seaside stop along their migratory route.

Each Autumn, thousands of Monarch butterflies typically gather in Southern Canada and start their long journey to places like Michoacan, Mexico. When the Monarchs are in the north they are usually spread out over a large geographic area however, when they migrate south they typically are concentrated into the same area. Trees in this area of Mexico that have been home to the Monarchs for many years are gradually being cut down. The survival of the Monarch may soon be in jeopardy and as a result organizations are beginning to form to protect the fragile Monarchs.

Why not come and see for yourself what so many that visit Kennebunkport come back to see time and time again.


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