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Thursday, October 05, 2006 

Wayfarer Restaurant ~ A Kennebunkport Restaurant Review

Isn't it great when you try a restaurant and realize that you have found another wonderful place to dine.

While so many of our guests are devoted patrons of the Wayfarer, Janice and I hadn't eaten there in many years.

This evening, when pressed for a place to have a relaxing evening out, Janice, Marc, Sue and I all agreed, "let's try the Wayfarer." We had no reservations and we arrived at 6:30. There was one other party in the entire restaurant and when I asked the hostess if she could accommodate a party of four, I was only kidding. Her response was to study her seating chart for, what seemed like several minutes (it really wasn't, but it seemed like it). Huh, was she kidding me back?

Well, we were seated at our table and promptly presented with a menu and a bottle opener. Wayfarer is BYOB and we had our own B. The menu had several entrees that sounded wonderful but, we realized that we had arrived on the night that we had heard so much about...Thursday night or better known to Wayfarer groupees as "Pot Roast Night."

So for Janice, Marc and Sue it was Pot Roast all around. I, on the other hand, chose the Chicken Satay. You see, I knew I was going to get some of Janice's Pot Roast when she was finished.

The selections all included a salad to start. Usually, for me it's Blue Cheese dressing and most often, a double dose please. In reciting the dressings offered, our waitress mentioned a Feta Cheese Vinaigrette. I guess I am broadening my horizons, I chose the Feta, it sounded Betta. Sorry.

The salad and the dressing were both excellent, as were the crispy rolls that came before them.

The Chicken Satay was a boneless breast of chicken that was grilled and sliced on a bed of rice and topped with a spicy peanut sauce. It was remarkably good. It was surprisingly good. There was just the right amount of spice. It started out fairly light. I mentioned to Janice that I wished it was spicier. I got my wish, the more I ate, the spicier it got. (I should have made some more wishes, I may have been on a roll) The combination and the quantity of peanut and spice were just right.

The others were raving about the Pot Roast. I knew given a short time, Janice would call it quits and I would be able to give a first hand review of the Pot Roast myself. We professional food critics would prefer not to rely on others. You see we have finely tuned taste buds.

The Pot Roast was so good that the next time we go to the Wayfarer, it will be on a Thursday night. What will I order? Stay tuned, it might be next Thursday night.

One last thing...the hostess wasn't kidding me back. You see, we weren't there more than 15 minutes and the place was SRO.

If you are staying at the Maine Stay, you can be sure we will be suggesting a dinner at the Wayfarer.

One more last thing...no credit cards at the Wayfarer. Bring cash.


Hey Debbie, do you remember the Wayfarer?

Perhaps The Wayfarer should be a "BYO...C" as in "Car," in case your dinner companions take off while you're in the powder room!

Update on Thursday, October 26, 2006 ~ Back to the Wayfarer for Janice and I. This time Keith was with us and guess what...it was Pot Roast all around.
This time we had dessert. Chocolate Brownie Sundae...mmm, mmm good!

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